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About #SWR

SavvyWay Realty was created for the savvy buyer and seller in order to SAVE on their purchase while having proper licensed and educated help. ​

Real Estate today has made the system more expensive for the real estate clients, we are here to make it more 2020's

Working from Home

About our Broker & Team

Dr. Will Puente is the Real Estate Broker for SavvyWay Realty, Inc. since May 2010. His background in Business Academics combines well with the Practical views of the Real Estate Market. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, an MBA from the University of Houston-Victoria, and a PHD in Organizational Leadership from Our Lady of the Lake University. Currently he is in pursuit of his Law degree.


SavvyWay Realty has a model that mirrors what plenty of modern companies are doing today, by using technology and remote teammates that pass on the savings to the consumer. Today, Dr. Will Puente serves clients from the Texas, California, Georgia and Florida Markets with different strategies and methods to offer a low realtor commission option to sellers, and a great rebate to buyers.

Will Puente
PHD, MBA, JD Candidate
Real Estate Broker
(TX, CA, GA & FL)

"Local Agents don't necessarily help you sell properties faster, but locally licensed and educated Brokers can. Most people deal with a Local Agent, who then pays a local Real Estate Broker with assistants, mentors, etc. This system of traditional Real Estate is costing both the seller and buyer plenty. It is outdated, and simply irresponsible during these difficult times. We work for you in a very stream-line fashion, and we handle everything remotely. We then pass the savings on to you. This is 2020's real estate, and it should reflect on saving closing costs to the consumers, not CHARGING more. Just like how virtual courses should be cheaper at Colleges and Universities due to the mode of service. Same should be with Real Estate today. Give this new way of Real Estate a try today while SAVING & CLOSING.​"

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