Brief History of Listings, "Listing Books"

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Real estate offices had a major purpose before this digital age. This was the only way for the community to know what listings were available on the market. Essentially the market in a certain area became the amount of listings each local office "listed". These listings would be placed in a phonebook type of magazine that would be published weekly or monthly.. This is the reason why a Brokerage could not exists without having an office. This is also one of the main reasons why commissions stood around 6% for so long. The overhead costs for a Broker included the payments to operate an office, hire a supporting staff, publish listing books and handle expensive printed media.

Now that we enjoy the benefits of the digital age, we are no longer tied to local offices to serve our clientele. Expert Way Realty can now operate in multiple metropolitan areas, and our Brokerage can now handle the Houston and DFW markets. We use technology to stay lean, and pass on these savings to the sellers and landlords. Keeping a low realtor commission fee structure is our goal, and we are glad to deal with savings instead of "listing books".

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Will Puente, MBA

Broker of Expert Way Realty

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