Why is summer time such a busy Real Estate time?

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It is obvious that summer time is a busy time in the market. The National Association of Realtors releases statistics that show a clear uptick in sales from the summer months. There are plenty of ideas on why this is the case, below are some of the reason we believe this is the case in Houston and the DFW Markets.

1. Schools, Schools, Schools.

Driving through the interstate through I-45, one can see the relief on traffic between June and July. This is a clear sign of the school's summer status, and the influence on the metro areas. This is the time where families choose new school areas, and this means high emphasis on moving to another residence. It is difficult for these families to concentrate on the move earlier in the year, so the home rush begins at a very concentrated period.

2. Seller's Wait for this 'List Your Home' Season

'How to sell a house' courses would begin with: List your house in the summer time. Because of this constant advise, you see seller's wait for this listing season. May begins to get a high number of listings, and this carries through August.

3. Better weather carries a good Listing Market into the Fall

A Listing Agent Houston and Listing Agent Dallas may tell you that this is not the case through the summer. This is very true, summer months can be incredibly hot in Texas. This is also why you have the option to list your home in September and October as well. While the summer months are hot in climate and activity, it carries into the fall in the Texas markets due to more enjoyable weather.

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Will Puente

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