For Sale By Owner Must Knows

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Some things to be aware of when you plan to sell your home for sale by owner.

1. It is important that you use a title company. This is because the exchange of title will be insured for any possible errors in the transaction. This way you do not deal with any further issues in the future. Click here for more information about title policies.

2. Make sure you still consult an expert about the value of your home, you could be selling your home too cheap or it could be too expensive. Selling the home is all about nailing the right price. Let us help you by giving you that Comparable Market Analysis, click here.

3. Be careful with the communication you have about the property with the buyer. Most of the time, sellers get sued over misinformation rather than buyers. There is a different statute of limitations for each legal situation, which means you could be looking at liability for years on a sale transaction.

Expert Way Realty does not believe paying 6% to a listing agent is the best way to sell your home, but we also know that a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home could be a major setback to a seller. We hope to be the best low commission realtor solution that is the best of both worlds. Save and Close on your next sale transaction.

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