Why don't you want your family member to be your Realtor?

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This is a common mistake that is seen in Real Estate. This happens plenty because of the "Circle of Influence" tactic on new agents. When new agents join big national brokerages, they are asked to tap into their "circle of influence".

What is this "Circle of Influence"?

The approximate close contacts that should be close to moving or should be convinced to move. This is in order to help the new agent's career with their first transactions. They are asked to call their close friends and family relatives.

My cousin as my Realtor

Because of this tactic, there is a good chance that your family member has very little experience with real estate transactions. This factor could mean that you may be left with a badly negotiated contract.

What should I look for?

Make sure your family member has enough experience, and especially ask questions about the Broker of your family member. This Broker is the person who is more than likely training the agent.

I find myself doing most of the work with my cousin

That is not atypical, but mostly the norm. You might as well find out about our Check4Find program that gives you a check for your own personal home find. Allow us to be your Real Estate Agent in the purchase of your next new home.

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