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Can a Seller Access Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Directly?

This is a question that is highly searched in Google in Florida.

The simple answer is No. Only a registered and licensed Florida Real Estate Agent can have direct access to MLS in the state of Florida.

The frank answer is also a simple one. MLS was created for the sellers to spend 6%, so that both the Listing and Buyer's Agent make 3% each. MLS is the database where these Agents can see which property is available for them to make a commission. MLS was never created with the intention for sellers to save that commission or have direct access to buyers.

Sellers confuse the purpose of MLS, only because MLS has a very extensive reach which is syndicated to plenty of important real estates websites like Zillow, Trulia, and While these websites help the seller sell their home well, they still rely on the ads paid by real estate agents.

Our Tampa, Orlando, and Miami Flat Fee MLS Service was created to help you have as close of access to MLS as possible. Also to make sure your property doesn't just list but also closes effectively.

We make MLS work for you in a more discounted way than it was designed for.

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Florida Broker

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