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Do Flat Fee Listings work in the Texas Market?

Lately, the real estate market has been very good in the Texas market areas of Austin, DFW , Houston , and San Antonio. So questions are brought to see if a traditional 6% Agent is even needed in such a hot market.

The answer so far with our current statistics has been no. Most major market MLS requires that any Agent that places you on MLS must fully represent you. So, you do need to be careful that the Flat Fee MLS service fully complies with those minimum service rules. But if they are compliant, you will probably get that same service a typical Agent would give you at 6%.

What usually doesn't work is thinking that a seller can sell a home without any buyer's agent commission. This is a rare instance because MLS exists for the purpose of a Buyer's Agent having incentives to properly show a property. This usually means that a commission between 2% and 3% is necessary depending on the price of the listing.

In all, we believe our service has worked due to the over 150 successful closings we have had in the state of Texas. Just know, not all Flat Fee Services are this successful.

Dr. Will Puente

Local Texas Broker

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