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Do I Need a Listing Agent for a Flat Fee Listing in Georgia?

This is a question that is highly asked regarding Atlanta and Georgia Flat Fee Listings.

The short answer is always a Yes. This is due to how Multiple Listing Services works (MLS). Someone that is licensed to practice real estate in the state of Georgia, must register you as a proper listing in the MLS. That requires representation by that Agent. Depending on the MLS, that means that they could be required to fully represent you and forward all offers to you.

This means that ALL listings have Listing Agents. It also means that a Georgia For Sale By Owner can never be an MLS listing. By being an MLS listing, which requires an Agent to register the listing, the property is actually a For Sale by Agent.

So all listings, whether they are Atlanta and Georgia Flat Fee MLS Listings or the traditional 6% listings, would require a Listing Agent. Whether that Agent is available to you for further questions regarding the listing is a different story.

How can you operate any listing without a proper line of communication with that Listing Agent?

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Georgia Broker

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