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Should I list in GAMLS or FMLS?

This is a typical question from our Flat Fee MLS Atlanta clients. The answer is somewhat complicated because the Atlanta Metro area simply began with both of them,

The most direct answer is that you should list in FMLS because is more widely used in the inner Atlanta metro area. Also, FMLS tends to give more support to its users. This is why our Georgia Flat Fee MLS Services uses FMLS.

However, both MLS's syndicate to all of the major websites from the likes of Zillow, Trulia and So it doesn't matter as much which MLS your property is listed, but that it is listed in any of those two.

Also, consider that most Buyer's agents have access to both of the MLS systems, as well as both have a wide range of usage outside of the immediate Atlanta area.

We are here to help you list your home on FMLS, which would show on plenty of real estate websites.

Do you think that GAMLS may get bought out by FMLS one day?

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Georgia Broker

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