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Is Flat Fee MLS Listing Legal in Texas?

Plenty has been talked about Flat Fee MLS Listing in Texas, including if it is legal.

The answer is not cut and dry, it has caveats. It is legal as long as the minimum service rules are kept regarding the listing in Texas.

This is also the case with the Texas Association of Realtors minimum service rules regarding the listings on the MLS's of their jurisdiction. These MLS's include Austin Board of Realtors MLS, San Antonio Board of Realtors, MetroTex MLS, and HAR MLS.

In our service, we do our best to comply with these minimum service requirements, which means your listing stays compliant. Some MLS's have even more requirements regarding service. If you have any questions regarding your MLS, please feel free to call our Broker for further clarification at (972) 674-9914.

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Texas Broker

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