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Is the Winter a Good Time to Sell in Florida?

Florida real estate has a unique advantage over other real estate markets. It has the benefit of the "snowbird" season. While other markets have slower numbers due to the cold weather, Florida gets the benefit of people coming down to get away from the cold.

Flat Fee MLS is a great way to help you save on this upcoming "snowbird" season. It can help a seller save thousands in commission. But be careful of Florida Flat Fee programs that do not properly help you sell your home. While you can list, you may never receive your offers. Read more about that issue here.

We are the Florida Flat Fee service that helps you both list and close on your property.

Isn't it hard to take advantage of your convenient "snowbird" real estate season if you do not get your offers by your chosen Flat Fee MLS service?

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Florida Broker

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