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Selling Options for Victims of Wildfires in California

These last five years have been brutal to the California community which has been affected by wildfires. Some victims are still stuck with the properties of burned homes which can only sell at lot value.

It is difficult to understand how some real estate agents still charge a seller under these dire situations 5% to 6% to sell their burned homes. Such a moment requires creative and more inexpensive solutions that would make sure these affected sellers keep most of their proceeds.

I would advise our California flat fee service to such sellers. For only $45 and what they are willing to offer a buyer's agent, they can release their property to a buyer willing to build a new home in its place. We are here for those who want to save and be able to use those savings to buy a new home.

Should the real estate industry do more for those affected sellers?

We think so.

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed California Broker (who has a heart for the affected victims)

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