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What can go wrong with a Texas Flat Fee Listing?

This question is one of the least asked by a seller when looking for a proper Flat Fee Service. There is one main answer, which could be detrimental to the ability for your property to close properly.

The Minimum Service Rule

Not all states adhere to the Minimum Service Rule regarding listings. However, Texas is one of them. You can read more about the Minimum Service Rule on the Texas Realtors site

The following are the Most Important Rules:

1. inform his/her client if he receives material information related to the transaction, including the receipt of an offer 2. answer his/her client’s questions and present any offers to or from his client.

Buyer's Agents are not allowed to call you directly as the Seller of the home to inform you of offers. Therefore, they email it to the registered Listing Agent on MLS. So, what can go wrong? The seller never receives those offers or requests by the Buyer's Agent. This is essentially the main reason for the minimum service rule.

There are only a few of websites such as Flat Fee MLS Houston, Flat Fee MLS Dallas, Flat Fee MLS San Antonio, and Flat Fee MLS Austin that do adhere to this minimum service rule. This aspect alone could be the main reason why Flat Fee Listings may never truly sell on the MLS market.

Here, at our Flat Fee MLS Texas service, we make sure that you receive all your offers in a timely manner by having a staff for it throughout the extended business day. We get plenty of customers who have complained about their lack of responses from those Listing Agents who have not sent their offers.

A good rule of thumb is that if the Flat Fee MLS service does not respond to you in a timely manner, more than likely they will do the same with your very important offers.

Our clients know that this is the best value we can provide to them, all while still being one of the most competitive pricing in the state of Texas for Flat Fee MLS Listing.

We don't average 150 closings a year for nothing. (And that is closings, not simply listings)

Dr. Will Puente

TX Broker

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