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What is a "Bad" Flat Fee MLS Service?

Be careful with bad Flat Fee MLS Companies

What is a Bad Flat Fee MLS Service?

One that does not send you your offers upon receipt. It isn't enough to simply list the property, but the service needs to attend to the communication.

We have seen that Atlanta area Realtors tend to call and email more than usual. They rarely like to read instructions. They are also supposed to submit the offer directly to the Georgia Listing Agent.

If you do not have proper communication with your Flat Fee MLS service, then more than likely you could be missing the communication from the Buyer's Agent.

Our Atlanta area and Georgia Flat Fee Service has a staff that works Monday through Saturday. We even handle offers for some hours on Sunday.

Isn't that what you should expect when selling your home?

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Georgia Broker

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