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What to lookout for in a Florida Flat Fee Listing Service

You may be looking around flat fee services in Florida. As you may already know, there are plenty of Florida flat fee MLS services. But, you may also see that some do not last very long, or they run very overpromising advertisements. So, there are plenty of blogs out there on how costly a bad Flat Fee service can be to sellers.

Look out for the following situations in order to have success in closing your MLS listing.

1. Does that flat fee service answer the phone?

You must look and see if they have a phone number first. If they do have a valid phone number, dial it and see if they will answer in a timely manner. Also, see how clear and useful their voicemail is at the time of your call. Any voicemail that states "the mailbox is full" would be a bad sign.

2. Look to see who answers the phone

If you call into an ordinary phone call answering service, more than likely that is still a bad sign. If you are able to get a hold of the agent that will be listing your property, that is what should be sufficient. Otherwise, it is a sign that you may never speak to your own listing agent. Communication with your own Listing Agent is a usual requirement by your Florida MLS.

3. Look to see that you do NOT get transferred to a third party agent

This is the usual scenario in Florida for flat fee services. You will pay a marketing company the flat fee amount, and some will go to the actual listing agent. This hurts your chances of truly receiving an offer on your home. This is usually because buyer's agents are required by their compliance officers to directly submit the offer to the listing agent of record (Florida Realtors Code of Ethics). And that offer may sit in that inbox without it ever getting to you.

We take your flat fee listing very seriously, and we want you to close effectively while saving thousands in commissions. So give us a call, and talk to us directly.

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Florida Broker

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