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What to Watch Out for a Florida Flat Fee Company

Florida is a state that allows less oversight by Agents regarding a listing. This is how Flat Fee Listing has become such a common way to sell a property in Florida. However, be careful for the following factors regarding a flat fee listing.

How are they able to list without a license?

These companies operate as a Marketing companies and hire agents throughout the country. Florida is a state where they do plenty of listings. These hired agents are paid very little, and only want to list the home. Well, most buyer’s agents don’t deal directly with seller, because of communication rules and they don’t want to work extra by dealing directly with a non-agent. That means that your offers usually don’t get to you, and your property simply doesn’t sell. Our suggestion is to never work with these type of flat Fee companies.

Simply put, the following is a list of what to watch out for when hiring a Flat Fee Company

1) The company is a Florida licensed Brokerage with a licensed Florida Broker

2) The company doesn’t third party any of their listings

3) The company is responsive and have reasonable office hours

4) The company is compliant in how they deal with the listing in order to make sure the listing doesn’t get flagged or fined by the MLS

There are Flat Fee MLS Listing companies that do operate with the interest of the seller in mind. But, there are plenty more that aren’t there to make sure your property doesn’t just list, but also stays listed and, therefore, can close.

Flat Fee Listing incorrectly can cost you thousands in the sale of your home.

Give us a try, we meet all our own suggestions.

Dr. Will Puente

FL Broker

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