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Who Pays for the Infamous FMLS Fee?

This is a big question when it comes to listing a property in the Atlanta Metro Flat Fee MLS called First MLS. And it is often ignored or not discussed through a typical agency or a flat fee MLS listing transaction.

The amount of the fee is .12% of the sale price of your home

There are some agencies that do disclose that there will be a charge ahead of the listing agreement. Here is a good example of one. However, plenty of Agents simply do not disclose it upfront.

From what we witness, this fee it is mostly discovered by the sellers at the final numbers of the closing. This practice should be considered unethical in the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics, specifically Article 2

At Flat Fee Save, we do NOT pass this cost on to you as our seller, We try our best to keep you at your bottom line so that you can keep most of your sale proceeds.

Dr. Will Puente

GA Broker

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