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Why is a Listing Agreement Needed?

The Listing Agreement is a form promulgated by Texas Realtors which is composed of boilerplate clauses that protect both the seller and the Listing Broker. It is mostly required in order for that Broker to list the home.

Flat Fee Services need Listing Agreements as well

Properties should not be listed without one. MLS usually requires the form in order for the Broker to be able to list the property. A Flat Fee Listing is no different than any other MLS listing.

Ask plenty of questions on the Listing Agreement

Once you receive the TAR Listing Agreement, review it thoroughly. Feel free to contact an attorney for any questions as well. It is a form that binds both parties, therefore a contract.

Our Listing Agreement

Because of logistics in our system, we require a purchase of an order to produce a Listing Agreement. Once you pay the $95, we can send you a filled-out Listing Agreement. We are happy to refund your $95 if you choose not to move forward with the listing upon the seller review. However, please be advised that we can not refund the Flat Fee after the property is activated.

We try our best to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make your decision to work with our discounted Texas flat fee service.

Dr. Will Puente

Locally Licensed Texas Broker

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