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What is Check4Find?

How it works:



Get pre-approved by any Lender

and obtain a "Pre-Qualification Letter".


Find your property

Go to or

and find your next home.


Fill out our form below with your finds!

We will contact you and let you know about their availability and send you a

full report on them.


Showing scheduled!

We will contact you to set up a showing.



Our Broker will contact you about offer options and any details to get

you to CLOSING!


Receive a Check for your Find after Closing

You will be mailed a Check made out to you for your FIND!

  • What is this website?
    We are a Texas Real Estate Brokerage with the goal to provide our clients different ways to Save & Close their real estate transaction. Check4Find is one of our programs where our clients receive credit for their home internet search. Instead of working with an Agent, the client gets a check for working directly with the Broker. This is the credit that would have otherwise gone to an agent for the find of the client's next home.
  • Why not work with an Agent/ Realtor?
    You will always work with an Agent/ Realtor using our program. But our Agent/ Realtor is also a Broker, which means that there is a lower cost in dealing directly with him. Will Puente has over 10 years of real estate experience and will be a good advisor in your home search. Agents/ Realtors must always work under a Broker and usually means that the commission is shared between the two. EWR wants to pass these savings to you as our client.
  • Why should I search my own property?
    The tools of property searches have improved drastically throughout the years. There is no one more interested or qualified in finding your next home as far as taste. The real estate transactional details will be handled by our Broker.
  • Once I found homes, what is next?"
    Fill out the Property Find Form below, and we will contact you about further details. We will also send you a home packet with detailed tax and listing information that may have been unavilable in public websites like and
  • I have plenty of questions about financing.
    Even though we aren't licensed to answer financing questions, we can send you some helpful suggestions for this part of the process. We do recommend to have an understanding of your finances before you continue your search.
  • How are showings scheduled?
    We will be in constant contact with your about the showings scheduled from your search.
  • Which searching websites do you recommend?
    We recomend the following websites for your search
  • What should I look for in these listings?
    You should look at the days on market on the property. If they are below 10 days, we suggest you rush to a showing. Also, make sure the property is Active (which means available).
  • What if I have more questions? Can I contact you?
    Yes, of course! Contact us by calling us or write us an email. We want you well informed so that you may find the best property possible.
  • Can you help me with the search?
    Absolutely! Just contact us so we know how to pin down your search.

Place your info and your finds in the following box and we'll get back to you!

Thanks! Message sent.

More questions?

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