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Frequently asked questions

Why is this webinar course for free?

My main intention as an Academic is to convince colleges and universities that this course is of upmost importance to the community. Also to show the way my webinars are conducted and the methodology of the lessons.

Why should I sign up?

Most knowledge based on Real Estate is very hard and expensive to come by. Below is a link to a company that charges above $10,000 for the same knowledge. Do not get fooled by their "Free", this webinar is absolutely free for the purpose to create awareness of a much needed college course. (if you know the intention, you see why it is actually "free")

What is the participation needed?

Just to attend the live seminars on YouTube by collaborating through chat. More instructions will be sent at sign up. Leave a space for you to closely pay attention to this material.

When do we start?

The planned first Webinar is set to begin on Thursday February 8th, 2018 at 8pm. Do not miss this chance, you just need to open a computer.

More questions?