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Saving Searches on Zillow

By SavvyWay Realty Team

Today’s world is all about saving precious time to get daily tasks done quicker. We know you want to search for homes in a quick and easy way, which is why we’ve put together a small guide for you to be on the lookout for homes in your preferred area or neighborhood using Zillow’s Instant Saved Search.

You will start out by going to the search and maps page on Zillow.

1) In this example, we are looking for homes in Humble, TX and using a price range between $150K-$180K. When you have the search you want, click on the “Save Search” button.

2) After hitting that button, a box will pop up asking you to place your email. It will also ask for a password.

3) If you already have Saved Searches and an account on Zillow, you can always click on the Save Search button while logged on and you should see the following box pop out:

4) Select instant email, click on Update Search and get ready to receive emails with the criteria you selected.

So that’s all for this guide, we hope it will help you on your search for the best home! Happy home hunting!

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