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Flat Fee MLS

How a Georgia Flat Fee Company Can Scam You

In the bustling real estate market of the state of Georgia, sellers are constantly seeking efficient and cost-effective ways to list their properties. One option that has gained popularity is the Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing service. However, it's crucial for sellers to be aware of potential scams that can lurk in this seemingly convenient solution.


The Promise of Savings:

Flat Fee MLS services tout substantial savings compared to traditional real estate agent commissions. They promise to list your property on the local MLS database which is FMLS, making it accessible to a wider audience of potential buyers.


The Potential Scams:


    1. Limited Exposure

Some unscrupulous Flat Fee MLS listing companies may not provide the level of exposure they promise. They might list the property on the MLS, but fail to actively market it or distribute it to other popular real estate platforms. This could lead to fewer inquiries and potential buyers.


    2. Hidden Costs

While the initial fee for a Flat Fee MLS listing might seem low, sellers should beware of hidden costs. Some companies may tack on additional fees for services that should be included, such as professional photography, virtual tours, or even changes to the listing.


    3. Lack of Support and Expertise

Sellers who opt for a Flat Fee MLS service may not receive the same level of support and expertise as they would with a traditional real estate agent. This could leave them navigating the complexities of the real estate process on their own, potentially leading to costly mistakes.


    4. Inadequate Negotiation Skills

Negotiating with potential buyers and their agents is a crucial aspect of the selling process. Flat Fee MLS services may not offer the same level of negotiation expertise as an experienced real estate agent, potentially resulting in a lower selling price.


Protecting Yourself:

To avoid falling victim to Flat Fee MLS listing scams, sellers in Georgia should take the following precautions:


    1. Research Thoroughly

Before choosing a Flat Fee MLS company, thoroughly research their reputation, reviews, and track record. Look for testimonials and seek recommendations from trusted sources.


    2. Ask Questions

Clarify all terms and conditions upfront. Inquire about any potential hidden fees or limitations on services. A reputable Flat Fee MLS company will be transparent about their offerings.


    3. Pick up the phone and call

Call them during business hours. If they cannot answer the phone or be responsive to you as a Seller, they probably do not have the business infrastructure to be responsive to the market. This is crucial because you could loose receiving offers on your home. This is why FMLS has compliance rules that state there must be business hours in order for the property to be attended for.


    4. Look for a Broker

If you cannot identify or speak to the Broker, your listing may get assigned to an Agent as a third party flat fee listing. They tend to make very little from the flat fee mls amount, and do not provide the responsiveness needed to close the home.


While Flat Fee MLS listings can be a viable option for sellers looking to save on commissions, it's essential to approach this route with caution. By being vigilant, asking the right questions, and considering all options, sellers in Georgia can protect themselves from potential scams and make informed decisions about listing their properties.

Don't Just List, CLOSE Your Georgia Property
Mastering the Art of Closing Deals with Flat Fee MLS Georgia: A Seller's Guide

In the dynamic Georgia real estate market, leveraging a Flat Fee MLS service can be a game-changer for sellers seeking a cost-effective approach. This guide will unveil the strategic steps sellers can take to efficiently close their homes using a Flat Fee MLS Listing service in Georgia.


    1. **Choosing the Right Flat Fee MLS Provider in Georgia:**

When it comes to selecting a Flat Fee MLS service, Georgia sellers should prioritize providers with a strong local presence. Look for locally licensed Brokers that are licensed to operate in Georgia. Not all Flat Fee MLS companies are locally licensed to operate in the state of Georgia.


    2. **Optimizing Your Property for Listing:**

Prioritize preparing your property for listing. Clean, declutter, and consider minor repairs or enhancements. Some Flat Fee MLS services in Georgia may offer professional photography and virtual tour options to showcase your property's best features.


    3. **Strategic Listing Creation:**

Craft a compelling listing that highlights the unique attributes of your home for the property description. 


    4. **Competitive Pricing Strategy:**

Set a competitive and realistic price for your property by conducting thorough market research. Your chosen Flat Fee MLS Brokerage have to be able to offer guidance on pricing strategies that align with Georgia's real estate trends. This is an FMLS rule and a minimum service. Most Flat Fee Listings do not offer pricing guide.


    5. **Skillful Negotiations:**

When offers start rolling in, be prepared to negotiate effectively. Seek advice from your Flat Fee MLS Brokerage. This is where a phone call conversation with an experience real estate licensee would help you the most.


    6. **Streamlined Documentation and Paperwork:**

Ensure that all required paperwork is completed accurately and promptly. Your chosen Flat Fee MLS provider should offer guidance on the necessary documentation for a smooth closing process. There should also be an adequate staff that handles your paperwork on your FMLS listing.


    7. **Seamless Closing Process:**

   Collaborate closely with your Flat Fee MLS provider to finalize the transaction. This may involve coordinating with title companies, attorneys, and escrow services to ensure a seamless closing.



Mastering the art of closing deals with a Flat Fee MLS service in Georgia requires strategic planning, effective negotiation skills, and attention to detail. By employing the right provider, optimizing your property's listing, you can enhance your property's visibility and increase your chances of a successful sale. Happy selling!

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First Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

In the competitive Georgia real estate market, understanding the intricacies of the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) is crucial for sellers seeking cost-effective alternatives. In this guide, we'll shed light on what FMLS entails and how it intersects with the concept of Flat Fee MLS listing, offering sellers a comprehensive view of their options.


    1. What is First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS)?


The First Multiple Listing Service, abbreviated as FMLS, is a comprehensive real estate listing platform serving the Georgia metropolitan area. Established in 1957, FMLS has emerged as a cornerstone for real estate professionals, providing a centralized database of properties available for sale.


    2. How does FMLS Operate?


FMLS operates as a cooperative platform that enables real estate agents and brokers to share and access property listings. This collaborative approach fosters a competitive and transparent marketplace, benefiting both buyers and sellers.


    3. The Intersection of FMLS and Flat Fee MLS Listing


Flat Fee MLS listing services offer an alternative to traditional real estate agents by providing sellers the opportunity to list their properties directly on platforms like FMLS for a predetermined flat fee. This approach empowers sellers to take control of their listings while potentially saving on hefty commission fees.


    4. Benefits of Utilizing FMLS for Flat Fee MLS Listings in Georgia


        A) **Exposure to a Vast Network:**

             Leveraging FMLS through a Flat Fee MLS listing grants sellers access to a               vast network of real estate professionals, vastly expanding the reach of       

             their property listings.


        B) **Cost-Efficiency:**

             By opting for a Flat Fee MLS service in Georgia that interfaces with FMLS,               sellers can potentially save a significant amount on traditional commission   



        C) **Direct Involvement in the Listing Process:**


             Sellers have the autonomy to manage their property listings, control the     

             content, and make necessary updates.


        D) **Access to Real-Time Data:**

             FMLS provides real-time information about market trends, property values,

             and recent sales, allowing sellers to make informed decisions.


        E) **Professional Support:**

            While using a Flat Fee MLS service, sellers can still seek guidance from

            experienced real estate professionals when needed.




In the realm of Georgia real estate, understanding the power of First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and its synergy with Flat Fee MLS listing is essential for savvy sellers. This combination empowers sellers to take an active role in marketing their properties, potentially saving on commissions, all while tapping into the extensive FMLS network. When used strategically, this approach can lead to successful and cost-effective real estate transactions in Georgia. Happy listing!

The Rules of the MLS

**Not an entire list of rules, just the most notable ones.

Understanding and adhering to the rules of the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) is paramount for sellers opting for Flat Fee MLS listings. This guide will unravel the critical MLS rules set by FMLS, providing invaluable insights for those looking to maximize their property's visibility and potential in the Georgia real estate market.


    Rule 1: Accurate Listing Information


One of the cornerstone rules of FMLS is the requirement for accurate and up-to-date listing information. Sellers utilizing Flat Fee MLS services must ensure that all details, from property specifications to pricing, are meticulously maintained. Any discrepancies can lead to potential issues down the line.


    Rule 2: Compliance with Fair Housing Laws


Adherence to fair housing laws is non-negotiable. FMLS strictly prohibits any form of discriminatory practices in property listings. Sellers must provide equal opportunities to all potential buyers, regardless of race, religion, or other protected characteristics.


    Rule 3: Timely Updates, Status Changes and Responsiveness


FMLS mandates that sellers using Flat Fee MLS services promptly update the status of their listings. Whether it's a new listing, under contract, or sold, accurate and timely status changes ensure that buyers and agents receive current, reliable information.


FMLS requires responsiveness from the Listing Agent. A Property cannot simply be listed without proper attendance to the listing. This includes responsiveness from FMLS inquiry about any rules possible being breached on this list.


    Rule 4: Proper Use of Photos and Media


High-quality visuals play a pivotal role in attracting potential buyers. FMLS emphasizes the importance of clear, well-composed images that accurately represent the property. Misleading or inaccurate media can lead to penalties and loss of listing privileges.


    Rule 5: Prohibition of Unauthorized Remarks


Sellers should refrain from including unauthorized remarks in their listings. FMLS enforces guidelines regarding language that may be considered discriminatory, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate. Adhering to these rules maintains a professional and inclusive marketplace.


    Rule 6: Honesty in Property Descriptions


Transparent and honest property descriptions are paramount. FMLS encourages sellers to highlight the strengths of their property while avoiding exaggerations or misleading statements. This fosters trust and credibility among potential buyers and their agents.


    Rule 7: Compliance with MLS Data Sharing Policies


FMLS participates in data sharing initiatives with neighboring MLS systems. This broader exposure can significantly enhance the visibility of their listings.




Mastering the most important MLS rules set by the First Multiple Listing Service in Georgia is fundamental for sellers utilizing Flat Fee MLS listings. By adhering to these guidelines, sellers can maximize their property's exposure and increase their chances of a successful sale in the competitive Georgia real estate market. Understanding and following these rules not only ensures compliance but also helps create a transparent, efficient, and professional real estate marketplace. 

Our Model

How are we different than the Flat Fee MLS Competition


    1. We have a Georgia Broker

Not all Flat Fee Companies are licensed as a Brokerage in the state of Georgia. We are proud to give you access to our Broker, who holds years of experience in Residential Real Estate throughout the United States. He is highly educated and an experienced marketer. See his bio here.

    2. We hold a staff with Business Hours

We have a staff of 1 Broker and 4 coordinators. Our coordinators work full time and are by the phone on Monday-Friday from 10am to 9pm and we hold weekend hours. Seven days a week our staff emails you received offers and buyer’s agent questions.


    3. We have experience

Dr. Will Puente has closed over 1,000 properties using this same model.


    4. We can refund easily

We are not in the business to keep your money if you do not choose to move forward. Once the property is activated, there are no refunds. Other Flat Fee MLS services show no refund policy, because that is their main model of business.


    5. We are Closing focused

We are focused in closing your property, not simply listing it. This means our staff and Broker must concentrate on being FMLS rule compliant, and timely handle all the details of the offer and closing transaction. Buyer’s Agents send all communications to our team, and we make sure you receive it. Once we get your order, we give you a seller phone number that you can call in order to answer any questions.


Attention to closing is what gets our properties closed.


Don’t just list your Georgia Flat Fee MLS Listing, CLOSE IT!

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